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"A Caring Congregation Sharing God's Love"
“Since CHRIST has ordered HIS Apostles to teach the Gospel Message to all nations” Matthew 28:19-20; and “HE has ordered HIS witnesses to be active locally, in our nation, and in our world.” Acts 1:8
“It is obvious that HE desires the local church to help provide the personnel to fulfill the Commandments.” Acts 13:1-5
Point Blank Community Church supports the following mission efforts:
• Camino Global, CAM International, serving in Bolivia - Tim & Michelle O’Brien
• Child Evangelism Fellowship of East Texas (CEF) - Jon & Katherine Price
• Cho-Yeh Summer Camp & Forest Glen Summer Camp
• Croatia Ministries - John & Lois Stefan; Milos Komanovic & Vladimir Perkovic
• Great Commission Ministries, Texas A&M University at College Station - Brent Wilson
• Life in Abundance International, World Wide - Africa
• Livingston River of Life, Inc. also Woodville & Cleveland, TX - Debby Schmidt
• Navajo Indians, St. Michaels, AZ - Scott & Carrie Merritt
• Radio Bible Class, “Our Daily Bread” distributed to PBCC congregation & community
• Village Schools International, Inringa, Tanzania - Steve & Susan Vinton
• Voice of the Martyrs, World Wide
CAMINO GLOBAL, CAM International, Bolivia – Tim & Michelle O’Brien are second generation missionaries. Tim grew up in Mexico and Michelle in Bolivia. Since high school, they have both had a desire to serve God full-time in missions. God confirmed their calling and prepared them through their involvement in youth ministry, Tim’s time in seminary and Michelle’s experience in teaching Hispanic children.

The mission of CAM International of Canada is to produce and empower committed followers of Jesus Christ in Spanish-speaking areas to reach the world. The O’Brien’s plan is to serve on the CAM Bolivia team and develop youth leaders in the local church. These leaders will then train others preparing them to reach the world. Pray for Tim, Michelle and their children as they build a team who will pray and partner with them in this ministry. Learn more on their website at:  www.caminternational.org
CHILD EVANGELISM FELLOWSHIP of EAST TEXAS, serving Montgomery, Polk, San Jacinto, Trinity & Walker counties– Jon Price, CEF Area Director & wife Katherine are based in New Waverly, TX. PBCC is blessed by their teaching Bible classes to our Vacation Bible School students each summer. They partner with YMCA and churches to set up Good News and 5 Day Clubs for off campus school children. Jon also teaches “Children in Crisis” and goes into the inner City Communities of Houston to share the Gospel with children and adults. Learn more on their website at:  www.cefeasttexas.com
CAMP CHO-YEH & FOREST GLEN CAMPS – Underprivileged children from Polk and San Jacinto Counties are sponsored by our church so they can attend summer camp. Sending a camper to a Christian summer camp is a great investment in the life of a child to grow closer to Jesus Christ, accept Him as their Savior or sometimes hear about Him for the first time.
Camp Cho-Yeh is located in Livingston, TX and exists to build relationships and impact lives for Jesus Christ. Their summer staffs of over 150 come from all walks of life, denominations, and are dedicated to being safe, having fun, and helping people grow in the Lord Jesus Christ. Learn more about them at www.cho-yeh.org or call 936.328-3200.
Forest Glen Camps - one located near Huntsville, TX and another near Rosebud, TX.
Forest Glen is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Their campers are impacted spiritually by spending time in the “Good Book”.  If you would like to learn more visit www.forestglen.org or call 936.295-7641.
CROATIA MINISTRIES, When Croatia declared independence from Yugoslovia in 1991, war started and the Serbs took over a third of Croatia. In 1995 Croatia took back the occupied land. There were many atrocities on both sides causing hatred among Bosnian Muslims, Orthodox Serbians, and Croatian Catholics. The Perkovićes, Komanovićes and Stefans were called by the Lord to serve in this war torn country.

Vladimir and Stana Perković, Croatian missionaries, serve four small churches of Serbian Orthodox heritage in the hills of Croatia close to the Bosnian border. After the war in 1995 only the poor and elderly returned. Farming is the only occupation, but is difficult in a hilly region. The Perkovićes live in Sisak and drive almost 40 to 50 miles daily to the villages. Besides the regular church services, they spend most days visiting in homes with dirt floors, no electricity and no running water. Many cannot read, so Vladimir reads and explains the Bible. Stana cares for their health, takes medicines, food and then drives them to procedures and surgeries. Sometimes, they recover in the Perković home. Stana has a heart for the elderly and has a ministry in Sisak and Petrinja nursing homes where many have been saved.

Miloš Komanović was born in Bosnia and lived among Muslims so he now has a ministry with them. As a teenager he moved to Sisak, to care for an elderly aunt. His wife Slavica grew up in Serbia. After visiting the U.S. with the Stefans Miloš received encouragement from PBCC to quit his job as an instrument engineer at the chemical plant, where he learned English by reading the maintenance manuals, to become a full time pastor. Miloš is the pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Sisak. He preaches at Mošćenica and Petrinja Churches every month as they have no pastor. He currently has a Tuesday Bible study at Petrinja Church. Miloš mentors new, young pastors. He officiates at area funerals and is one of the few qualified to perform weddings.

John and Lois Stefan have been serving in Croatia since 1995. John is chaplain and teaches computer hardware. Lois teaches English & computer skills. They have helped in summer Christian camps. John preaches church services midweek, two to three times on Sundays and four day seminars. They visit church members in their homes who need counseling, encouragement, are no longer attending church, and the ill. Lois helps Stana Perkovic with visitation in the nursing homes. John mentors young men who have translated for him as they are called to serve the Lord as pastors and missionaries. Children, teens, adults and grand-parents have been brought into the Lord’s kingdom.

All three couples thank God for the privilege of serving Him in Croatia, sharing Christ and seeing lives changed. “And for me, that utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel.” Ephesians 6:19 (NKJV)
GREAT COMMISSION MINISTRIES, TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY AT COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS – Brent Wilson is in charge of maintaining a safe place for Christian Students to congregate from the difficult challenges of college campus. We live in a rapidly changing world. The traditional family - where children had both parents and grandparents to love and nurture them - is but a memory for most. Without a Godly environment, today’s teens and young adults are subject to whatever pressures and poisons a corrupt culture can throw at them.

Despite decades of declining values, God is still raising up a generation that embraces the greatest value of all: Jesus Christ and His message of love and acceptance. PBCC is lending financial support to be part of their team. They are currently raising funds to build a hall near the Texas A&M campus. Learn more at: www.gcmweb.org
LIFE IN ABUNDANCE INTERNATIONAL, WORLD WIDE is mobilizing the local church to restore health, renew hope and inspire lasting transformation for Africa’s most vulnerable families.
PBCC’s financial support strengthens the local churches and builds its reputation among refugees as being people who care about other people’s needs and want to show them love during their time of distress. Learn more on their website at:  www.liaint.org
LIVINGSTON RIVER OF LIFE, INC., CAMPUSES IN LIVINGSTON, WOODVILLE & CLEVELAND, TX – The River of Life is a non-profit ministry organization created to address the needs of women in Southeast Texas. River of Life’s purpose is to help women develop their full God-given potential through mentoring, life coaching, job-skills training, networking and faith assurance.

River of Life does not engage in financial aid, but instead concentrates on giving our clients the encouragement and skills they need to help themselves reach economic, emotional, mental and spiritual stability. The Center focuses on women clients who are willing and able to take a holistic approach to improving their entire lives, rather than seeking a fix for one or two immediate pressing problems. Call 936.327-4899 or visit www.livingstonriveroflife.com
NAVAJO INDIANS, Scott and Carrie Merritt are Missionaries to the Navajos in St. Michaels, AZ. Scott serves as a pastor of a local church located within the reservation and evangelizes among the Navajo Indians. They have their own Youth Camp property which is owned by the Navajo Baptist Bible Fellowship and enables them to have camp for Navajo kids at a very affordable price. Contact them at scottmerritt@citlink.net
RADIO BIBLE CLASS – Monthly subscriptions to “Our Daily Bread” is distributed to PBCC congregation and the area communities.
VILLAGE SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL, INRINGA, TANZANIA –Steve and Susan love the Lord and people; therefore they bring the gospel, medical care, community development and education to villages in Africa. Sharing the Gospel through Education is their goal and this year more than 850,000 children should finish primary school in Tanzania. The government has room for only 98,000 to start secondary school. The other 752,000 will never get a chance to go to school unless as Christians we decide to do something.

VSI sends missionary teachers to small villages in Africa to get so involved in the lives of their students that sharing the Gospel is the natural result of loving them. The first school was built in early 2005 in just 70 days, inspiring a movement that today involves people from 188 villages working together to build schools for their children. Twenty-six schools are already open, ten others are under construction, and nearly 7300 students are enrolled who otherwise would never have had a chance to go to school.

Those who live in the village commit to making the bricks from straw and clay and then Village Schools International provides the concrete floor and metal roofing. Susan has expanded her work in the villages serving people who are sick and often HIV positive. Learn more on their Website at:  www.villageschools.org
VOICE OF THE MARTYRS, WORLD WIDE – The ministry of Voice of the Martyrs is based on Hebrews 13:3 “Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.”

Voice of the Martyrs is an international, inter-denominational mission committed to serving persecuted Christians around the world by providing Bibles, Christian literature, ministry equipment, medical aid, practical assistance and advocacy. They help Christians who are or have been, persecuted for their faith and involvement in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They provide medical assistance, food, clothing, and other forms of aid.

They support Christians who are willing to invite their fellow men, even their persecutors, to Jesus Christ through faithful deeds of love in a hostile environment. They supply Bibles, literature, radios, and other evangelistic tools. Learn more on their website at:  www.persecution.com

Point Blank Community Church has demonstrated our commitment to mission efforts through our Constitution which formally provides for a Missions Committee.

Article IV: Section 4;

  1. Function. The missions committee shall be charged with the responsibility of the formal missions (outreach) program of the church. Since the church endeavors to aid financially those qualified individuals and organizations whose ministries are consistent with the doctrines of this church, this committee will be an active arm of the church in this area.
  2. Duties. The missions committee duties shall consist of: 1) become and stay familiar with the work of each missionary endeavor that the church supports. This includes recommending to the official board the financial support of each mission for the annual budget, by October 31 of each year; 2) periodically and at least annually review and evaluate the services being provided by the missions that the church supports; 3) consider the qualifications and possible financial support of other missions; and 4) promote and encourage the church in its mission activities.
  3. Formation. The missions committee shall be appointed by the official board and shall consist of not less than three (3) members of the Church. Appointment will be made at the first regular board meeting of the year. The committee shall be responsible to the official board.
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